Interparking, a member of the Belgian Parking Federation, recently conducted a large-scale fire drill at Brucity car park in collaboration with the Brussels Fire Department. The primary objective of this exercise was to assess the evacuation procedures for electric and hybrid vehicles in the event of a fire. The joint effort between Interparking and the fire department aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of firefighting equipment and ensure the safety of all stakeholders involved.

Ensuring the safety of vehicles and their occupants is a top priority for the entire parking industry. With the increasing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles, it is crucial to be prepared for any potential risks they may pose in the event of a fire. The fire drill conducted at Brucity car park allowed us to simulate a real-life emergency situation and assess our emergency response procedures.

This joint exercise was a great opportunity for both parties to exchange knowledge and enhance their preparedness for such scenarios.

We are delighted to share with you a video capturing the highlights of the exercise. It showcases the rigorous training and commitment our industry invests in ensuring the safety of our customers and their vehicles.

As an organization committed to continuous improvement, this fire drill has provided us with valuable lessons and insights. We will utilize the findings to enhance our fire safety protocols, train our staff accordingly, and implement any necessary measures to further strengthen our emergency response capabilities.